postcard – poem

by billgncs

Postcard poems — written in two pieces, the first sent, the second the reply

I sit in Avignon where kings once played
Surrounded by fortresses
Grim, imposing, locked
Hard against attack and hurt

We sip our wine
Bathed in sun delight
and I wonder about
the trembling child within

If she laughed,
splashed in the fountains
climbed trees held hands
and explored mysteries of long ago

Oh that you were near….

Avignon France, Fall 2012

The nights are cold
and lonely now
and part of me longs
that I were there

But we both agreed
this needed break
might help me
to love again

I must remain
apart from you
until I can risk the pain

USA — Winter 2012


3 Comments to “postcard – poem”

  1. nice piece here. the first one i sensed some closeness and the second one seemed more distant.

    • Don, thanks for commenting. He is in France, while she stayed behind, she is very wounded, and we can only hope she can find the courage to let herself be loved, and love in return.

  2. I sense something so tragic about her in the second part, something oddly familiar from times past…. and a carelessness on his part, from the first, to downplay her feelings that he obviously knows she struggles with….or so it would seem, I suppose, to one in the bitter throes of a wound that wont heal…. nicely done, Bill…

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