by Sylvie


You tell yourself
you can stop
it doesn’t matter
it’s not a craving
you can quit
you don’t have
an addiction
Who cares
it’s just a habit

you’ll stop when you want to
because you can
Stop, that is
yeah, so you like it now
that doesn’t mean
you’re stuck
You’ll know
one day
when it’s time
You’ll get off
this ride
it’ll be so easy
you’ll just jump
but not today
because you’re still okay
You’ll try it again
Just a few more times
before you let it go away
Tomorrow maybe
just not today
you’ll give it up, they’ll see
no problem at all
It’s okay
you’re fine.

5 Comments to “Addiction”

  1. Sylvie welcome and thank you for your first poem.

    Your poem is me trying to stop smoking 🙂

  2. Brilliant!

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