by berryflavoreddreams

Why does the rain fall down?

Is it to make us frown?

Does it give us a shower?

Or moments we’ll always remember?

Is it the clouds crying?

Or a silent blessing?

When does it really stop?

Would we feel the last raindrop?

I wish for a kiss in the rain,

Is it too much or too vain?

We’ll run and you’ll hear my heart beating,

While the heavy rain is pouring.

We’ll stop for a while,

And then I’ll see your smile.

I wish its not a dream in my brain,

That together we walk in the rain.

One Comment to “Rain.”

  1. The rain is all of the things you mention in your poem. I love walking in the rain in green places. I love the smell of the plants which the rain brings out. Rain is wonderful

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