Race through my heart

by Karen

Slow and steady

One two, one two

A little faster now

One two, one two

One two, one two

And faster still

One Two Three Four

 A streak of black

flashes past my face

A blast of wind

whips off my hat

I don’t notice

as it swirls around

upon the ground

Nipping at my ankles

before heading off

to the wilderness beyond


My gaze is fixed

I am mesmerised

by the beauty

before my eyes

The smooth silky blackness

The strong pounding thighs

The head cocked to one side


A pause

Raw umber eyes

drill a hole

through my soul


A snort

A shake of the head

A thunderous thumping

and he is gone

A brief glimpse

is all I am allotted



My sweet stallion


Copyright  © 010812 by Karen Payze

4 Comments to “Race through my heart”

  1. nice, enjoyed the imagery!

  2. Attraction beyond the will; erasing time’s monotone: “standing still”…
    Peace & Light

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