Whose Bones Are These?

by Bodhirose


Hiking along the well-worn path

always looking down ahead of me,

I spy some bones laid out neatly.

They’re tiny and delicate,

perfect in form of the animal

that once had enclosed them.

How had he died, what fate

had he faced that ended his

life upon that trail?

He wasn’t eaten, his bones

were intact, as if he had

quietly taken a nap and

drifted gently from this plane.

His remains weren’t scattered,

they rested whole and entire.

A tiny skull, rib cage and legs

all bleached white

from the sun’s blinding glare.

My mind wonders about this

tiny creature, had he a family

that missed his return?

Were young ones relying

on him for food that day

when he didn’t come back

from his foraging?

This was a being as valued

as me–with a soul and a purpose

filled with life and energy.

I wonder these things as I see

animals that have passed–all

life is precious, no one’s more,

no one’s less.

2 Comments to “Whose Bones Are These?”

  1. I remember while at school coming across the skull of animal. I and the other pupils wondered how it had got there, very strange. It felt dry to the touch though not unpleasant.

  2. I’ve always been fascinated with animal bones that I have come across….no, they’re not unpleasant at all. Thanks for sharing.

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