by Author

Sadness is just a little
crack in my life, that
i fall into every now and then.
Clumsy, sickening, unstable.
Unaware and tied to this
invisible rope that pulls me
deeper as i fall, each time
i fall. Misunderstood, as
if i was pushed into it.

Sadness is that chest
full of a plethora of memories
that i open every now and then.
Reliving it all, only because
inflicting pain on self
makes me feel like i’m still
breathing. Away, but alive.
This beautiful chest, pink in
colour that looks inviting; but
only haunts.

Sadness is this burning sensation
of a hot iron rod choked into my
throat, each time you choose
to ignore what i’ve been
trying to say. A painful reminder
of how we’re both headed nowhere.
Your demons or mine,
who do i blame more?!

3 Comments to “Sadness.”

  1. I guess blaming the SAME is the same:)
    Peace & Light

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