Peck and Warble

by Joelly Cameron

You fell a good, long way.

An altricial species,

With your odorous niche and status exhausted.

Scattering your matter around casually

I mewled watching you skip queerly around.

Pecking and warbling in an anomalous patois.

My eyes cold like lead pellets,

Open only to give you the once over, as

The twigs nestled around me pierce my squalid wings.

Yours are too heavy to carry the contents of your encumbrance.

No intention to reach you,

The smell of her lay thick on you now….

Replacing the comfort of my own.

Immobilizing, like a woman wearing a bra to bed.

It’s all the same.

You chirp like a smoke detector at midnight.

As my journey begins,

And you…

continue to peck and warble.

A fowl’s listless cries.


Photo Courtesy of K.W. Scheff


8 Comments to “Peck and Warble”

  1. wow — the feeder, the seeds of misery, the song of resolve…


  2. That is what is good about a poem. It is meant something different to all that read it 😉

  3. “…eyes cold like lead pellets”…oh yeah…I felt that steely stare. I thought it was going to be about a different topic but as I read on it became something else entirely…loved it.

  4. Funny, how titles play their part. Glad you enjoyed my friend ~Joelly

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