Lack of “Got”

by Bodhirose



(Photo credit: Sean MacEntee)

Can’t deny that these times are harsh
Unemployment is skyrocketing
Life no longer plush
Can’t afford a movie
Or going out to eat
Forget about a vacation
It’s simply not allowed

With the cutting back
And all the cutting out
You’d think there’d be a few pennies
To splurge and throw about
But no, there’s not
There’s only a lack of “got”
Towards the end of each month
We eat only rice and lentils–
No desserts or other special vittles
But there is one thing
That I still can do…
Not go into that night…quiet or gentle.


5 Comments to “Lack of “Got””

  1. I had a few years of unemployment and your words ring a bell 🙂

  2. Unemployment is rough…it’s been a few years for me now…I consider myself retired.

  3. Thanks, Eroticstorytime…I appreciate that.

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