No Lover Have I

by Bodhirose


No lover have I to claim, please nor boast
This worldly pathway alone is my stead
Feet fly lightly; I’m free to wildly coast
My mind clear of another’s wringing dread
Although attracted by masculine silhouette
In his heart and mind lay my discontent
No matter tall, dark, handsome or brunet
Lecturing discourse soon brings grave dissent

Self-centered pride..tiresome monotony
No beau of mine will seek to grieve mislead
Be gone if share not love of botany
Stiff deportment serves to stay me freed
Line up if you will; I’ll yield you a chance
Turn my mind with a wild, whirling romance


Shakespeare (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


2 Comments to “No Lover Have I”

  1. Thank you Gayle and welcome to poets corner.

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