Midnight Belly Laughs

by Joelly Cameron

My breathing trickles,




Like a faucet recently shut off.

My depth relaxed, lips gently parted.

The thump thump of small feet,

Move awkwardly in the dark.

Fingers tap my bare shoulder, twice.

I hear her sleepy voice ask me again tonight.

“Mama, may I please sleep here?”

I pull over the peach colored comforter,

As she wraps herself up peering at me with

Eyes darker than a Hershey bar.

As I murmur stories of my youth,

It fuels middle of the night belly laughs.

Soon, our eyes become heavy,

Like a weight on a fishing line.

The sound of a wrinkled thumb popping into her mouth, like a lollipop.

And then snoring.

In my king size bed,

One small corner has been bequeathed to me.

As she sleeps soundly in the middle,

Snuggled up next to me.


4 Comments to “Midnight Belly Laughs”

  1. Lovely poem Joelly, glad to see you back.

  2. I love this! So sweet and precious….I love the fondness between mom and daughter, and the story telling…..very nice, you touched my heart with this….

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