A walk in the woods

by Karen

Woodland near where I live. Copyrighted to Karen Payze

It was not long ago
that I walked that well-worn path

in my favourite neck of the woods

When I came across
a place I had ne’er seen before

A tinkling of water
sounded through the dense leaves

of the dark and gloomy place


I followed that sound ‘

till I came upon

a clearing

A stream, crystal
clear, bubbled along

and down o’er a small waterfall

the water so cool

so fresh

so inviting

What did I think?

I looked around

A branch creaked

a bird twittered there

a dog barked from afar

I stepped out of my

and slipped off my dress

and my knickers


I shivered

but not from the cold

From the adrenalin
that punched at my heart

As quick as I could

I did jump from the bank

and landed waist deep in the water

I crouched down low

and waded around

like one of the fish

that now surrounded my body


Then, in a single blink

my good mood had faded

as I felt something cold

and smooth

and tickly

worm its way round my leg


In one giant leap

I did leave that water

and on the bank

I did stand and quiver

But my angst was
soon over-ridden

as I now became aware

of a snigger

a giggle

and laughter


From behind me I
heard it

and as I did turn

I was suddenly
aware of my predicament

I was red all over as
I stood in my rage

And who was it that
sat in the water?

‘Twas none other than my own


And in my anger

I did kick hard at
the water

Would you believe
my surprise

as my foot did rise

And a piece of driftwood

did follow on behind


I stood and watched

as that six-inch stick

flew through the air

and connected with his head


From that day to this

whenever one asks him

“How is it you
got that scar

on your forehead?”

He smiles ruefully
and answers,

“It was my
beautiful countess.

She did seal our love

with a stark reminder

of why I should never

surprise her!”

Water feature at Wakehurst Gardens. Copyrighted to Karen Payze

Copyright  © 210712 by Karen Payze

8 Comments to “A walk in the woods”

  1. Skinny dipping 🙂 lovely poem and loooong

  2. It is lovely! What a twist in the end 😀

  3. I really enjoyed reading this! But I won’t be taking such a dip anytime, ever.

  4. I absolutely love the sensory and imagery….. a very wonderful surprise in the end….good job!

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