by Author

I am watching myself do
things i’ve never done.
Like travelling down cities
only to see you briefly.

I can hear myself say
words i will never say again.
Like begging you to stay

I might be turning into
a person who i am not.
Like vulnerable and needy
and insecure.

I can never find out
what is on your mind.
Like the questions you ask
and answers you give.

I think there is something
between us.
Like love.

2 Comments to “Untitled.”

  1. Ahhhh… the raptures of new love…..or maybe she is discovering who she truly is, but her fear reflects it in a negative light…..it will do that when we cannot see ourselves being so alive and full of zest separate from the person that introduces us to it….. really liked this, Archana, great job!

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