Snow Flakes: Poem

by Harry

Unheard, quietly, silently.

Crystals of white.

They started to fall.

Slowly at first.

But ever-increasing.

It was so much now.

We could say it was snowing.

It started to form.

A carpet of white.

Reflecting the moonlight.

So clean and so bright.

But along came mankind.

Foot prints all around.

Car tracks every where.

The gritter spreading its load.

People out using salt.

Also clearing the snow.

Snow flakes are melting.

Soon the carpet was gone.

It might happen again.

There’s always next year.


8 Comments to “Snow Flakes: Poem”

  1. lovely piece, nicely written. enjoyed this read. Well done 🙂

  2. In the beginning I was sighing, it was so lovely….in the end I was laughing out loud, reality smacking me….LOL…. I love your sense of humor, Harry….
    nicely done!

  3. Thanks Celeste, it is a good story and you should write more of them, but don’t forget the poems 🙂

    I have only written two short stories, for me it’s hard to think of material.

    Have you ever thought of a new blog just for your stories.

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