Terra Firma.

by Harry

As i stood here on terra firma.

Looking up at what i had to climb.

The nerves started to take hold of me.

And my heart started to pound.

I could see where my hands would go.

Also where my feet should be.

So i took my first step upwards.

With hands in front holding on.

Slowly i climbed but carefully.

Making sure my feet were in firm.

Holding on with vice like grips.

Never brave enough to look down.

At long last i reached the top.

Sweating and out of breath.

I looked around at the view.

And took in what i could see.

But now i had to start down.

Making sure of my footing.

And holding on for grim death.

At last i was on solid ground.

The tension drained from me.

I stepped back and looked up.

At what i had just climbed.

It was a forty-foot  ladder.

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