brambles — poetry

by billgncs

sometimes there is never a good time to say goodbye

Time never stops for us to say goodbye
The lingering pause, the words known our minds deny
Winds of change a breeze now but soon to blow
By summer’s end that one of us must go

Yet here we are, the woods pristine and old,
The ancient trails, lead us to sacred grove
Just further on we accept the sun’s embrace
Then brambled bush ripened jewels adorn this place

We feast and laugh, ripened rasberries made to share
Yet shadows lengthen, still our world without a care
Eyes sparkling blue, deep and so inviting
The taste of trembling lips, sweet delighting

I gently claim this parting gift you freely give
Deep in our hearts, passionate love must always live
You lie beneath me, I gaze into your eyes
And take this moment to memorize your smile

6 Comments to “brambles — poetry”

  1. I like how the emotions are expressed! Nice poetry!

  2. Parting id such sweet sorrow. OH! how you have brought these words up to date . A lovers parting. Lovely Poem.

  3. I love your writing style….love the fervent and impassioned tones….this is the likes of great poetry…..thank you…..

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