Great Unfortune

by Devina


Here I am, minding my own business,

Soaking in the memories that diffuse

From the treasures I collect and find new homes for

I am content in my dusty little haven

Surrounded by vintage lamps and family pride

In my modest little antique shop

But in the midst of life

Tragedy strikes with its unerring blows

That cripples one with such a force

All I can to is but to fall to my knees and  gaze on

As the inferno licks the facade

Of my sweat and blood


A proud father that I am

Taking delicate sips of my steaming Folger as

I admire the photo my son in his graduation attire

That sits on the mantle

The boy has grown into a man

I reflect on a life that has bore fruit

Despite the snakes that had threatened my orchard

Broken from my sugary thoughts by a ripping in the air

Screams tore from the neighbouring homes as I rushed out

Only to see my dear boy, my son, my life

Lying lifeless and pale on the pavement

I take him in my arms and held him close

So tightly hoping his light shall still burn

As I looked as the bastards drove away

Lives are now shattered and bitter


Whether you’d be black, white, brown or what have you

Rich or poor, in between or on the fringe

Be it you are wise, ignorant, benevolent or malicious

Successful or perpetually a failure

Great unfortune is unbiased in its ruthless nature

It strikes at the heart of you, to the very core

Best to learn from them and from others too

Though easier said than done, let go and move on

It’s victorious when you succumb to its dark force

Be strong, fight it and send it to hell.

© Devina S.

5 Comments to “Great Unfortune”

  1. I hope this is just a story. if it’s your reality you have my heart-felt sympathy.

    • Be rest assured this is only a story, though I really do appreciate your concern. What pains me is that this sort of thing does really happen even to good people, and at larger magnitudes.

  2. Thank goodness it is a story and not your reality. But, it is a fact for so many and who can really know the depths of their despair. Very poignant and touching writing!

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