A terrifying journey.

by Harry

We were setting off on our journey.
Which we all hoped we would enjoy.
Eagerly waiting,with tickets in hand.
To get on and then settle down.

Now at last our time had come.
We all moved forward to board.
Got to our seats and looked around.
Great, its time to get belted in.

A jolt and then we moved forward.
Then the climb went on for ages.
At last it leveled of at its height.
Everyone looked out at the views.

All of a sudden we were dropping.
Straight down at an alarming speed.
A lot of people were squealing.
While others were very quite.

Thankfully at last we climbed back up.
We leveled of and then another big drop.
This happened a few times more.
Some people looked sick and worried.

Down again and we stayed level this time.
And at last it started to slow.
Then we came to a shuddering halt.
At least we all knew we were safe.

We undid our belts and looked around.
Some people were being very sick.
Others were happy and laughing.
But, no more big dippers for me.

3 Comments to “A terrifying journey.”

  1. That’s a very old one Paul, i loved writing all the humour poems theres more like that 🙂

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