As I Walked…

by Jen Thompson

As I walked along a dwindling path,

The voices in my head, they began to laugh.

To them it was amusing, that indeed I was lost,

But to hell with them, all thoughts were now tossed.

Night was upon me, my vision was impaired.

Bushes rustling, hearts quickening, I was definitely scared.

Trees stood tall, each branch like a dagger.

I needed to act tough, where was my Swagger?

Every slight touch of wind made my body shiver.

That sound, gently lapping water, I’d been led to a river.

Its rocky crossing illuminated in moonlight,

I cast my eyes around, such beauty, such a sight.

Beyond its sleepy bank, stood a freestanding door,

How odd is this night? I must go on to explore.

The stepping stones were soft to touch; my bare feet were in heaven.

One, two, three, four, five… all the way to eleven.

At my destination, the door it did glisten,

But quiet, those roaring sounds, I had to listen.

My head turned once more, to the way I had ventured,

Dark shadows, eyes charging, they had me pressured.

A quick turn once more, the doorknob in my hand,

A black hole awaits, goodbyes are given to this faraway land.

Figures disappear, and all light is returned.

I awaken in my bed, my dreaming state adjourned…


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