Goodnight, God bless…

by Jen Thompson

It’s the smile on a face that forever masks out the sadness.

It’s the approving look that lets you continue with your business.

She never judges,

Never makes snide remarks.

Is never cruel,

Or heartless.

Her blanket comforts you as you lay in your bed of protection.

‘Goodnight, God bless.’

It’s every sunny day, filling you with warmth and happiness,

Every silver lining that appears from a cloud of darkness.

She won’t cry,

Even when she needs to.

Will never curse,

Or manipulate.

Her silent screams, echo only in her mind.

You sleep peacefully, wrapped, and cushioned, a perfect embryo.

‘Goodnight, God bless, see you in the morning.’

It’s giving you everything and leaving you breathless,

It’s knowing that no matter what, you’ll never be helpless.

She is the reason you dream,

The reason you hope.

Will always praise you,

Is never deterred.

She watches over your soul forever.

Your pleasant slumber is free from all harm always.

‘Goodnight God bless, see you in the morning, Love you.’

She is a mother,

It is LOVE.


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