Keep me close around your neck

by Devina

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Keep me close

Around your neck

Like a chain made of

The beads of our sweet love

So that I’ll be there with you


Warm and snug against

Your tender heart


As you walk

So I shall sway

To each retched step

We take apart


Hang me around your neck

So you might hold me close

When you’re in distress

And the world

Your enemy


Thread your path

In the sunlight, my love

The beads that surround me

Shall glisten brightly

And keep you light

For each is a gem that holds our past

The good and the bad

Suspended by the years

That hold us together

And even stronger when we part


Hold me, my love

Don’t you dare tear me off

For I will shatter with

Each bead that falls

Spilling us nowhere and everywhere

Into the gutters

And out of your heart


Oh, I know you won’t, my dearest

I’ve faith in you that much

I see the love in your eyes

And I feel it when we touch


© Devina S.


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