by Sanchari

When life seems cruel, too hard to bear,

all the tedious responsibilities leaving no time to spare,

I stop in my tracks and ask myself,

“Of what use is life? Is this how I fare?”.

I find a darkness and it clouds my sight,

no hopeful thought to make the horizon bright.

Ah; no, I see a light,

that pierces the gloom and reaches my eyes.

It brightens everything and promises a better fate.

I smile broadly and realise my mistake.

For every cloud has a silver lining,

every shadow speaks of a light,

every rainy day precedes a greener tomorrow

and the sun will rise after every night.

There is a lot to admire, a lot to love,

many people to thank, many people to hug.

And I do just that; advise you to do so too,

whenever life seems a tad unhappy to you


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