Ten years from now

by Devina

I sit here and I write

In the hand of the mind boggling language

Of advanced chemistry,

Early one June morning


Ten years from now,

Having been buried beneath

The dust of time, lost somewhere

I will find it one day,

Ten years from now.


I will recall this chilly morning of June,

When I had written this.

I will recall the slapping the insistent mosquitoes

How they sang near my ear, the Godforsaken creatures.

I might remember chewing on this pen

Ten years from now.


I may even remember this past day,

One day ten years from now.

And how much has changed, I’d say

Since those ten long years.


Ten years from now

all this mumbo-jumbo of

Bond breaking and bond making

And the stealthy latent energy,

Will be a little treasure

Of my youth.


Ah, I have but one question,

How silly am I now

I ask you,

I ask myself,

Ten years from now?


~ Devina S.


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