Adoration Predicament.

by Jen Thompson

Oh to break the routine now that time has gone stale;

And be in the presence of another lost soul.

To such a shame it remains undeservingly frail;

That my raw heart be ripped savage hole upon hole;

But hath she intended such a wicked attack?

Upon her own self it crept like a cunning fox,

Unaware was my beauty, the gen she did lack.

That venomous trickster veiled her life in a box.

Reminiscing thoughts capture my unconscious mind’s eye;

The curve of her spine, such a gracious silhouette.

Midnight shenanigans used to disguise the lie.

My tear stricken face so determined and wet.

‘Till death do us part’ the vow used so sparingly;

United! I cherish my love so caringly.


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