Hoover’s Departure

by Joelly Cameron

I sit here, watching you lay lifeless in the corner.

Grey cords, dust and empty hoses border you.

My fingers itch, and my eyes sting.

I sneeze and then sneeze again.

I know you must be sleeping.

Dreaming happy little dreams, of work and our family.

You have to be.

We went everywhere together.

I never held anyone the way I did you.

No stand INS and no guarantees.

Any mess I had, you were there to help clean it up.

Tickling me, and making funny noises.

Blowing air in everyone’s faces,

and the occasional motor boat you would give the kids.

Eating up and spitting out  unwanted leftovers.

Like a garbage disposal.

Coughing up earrings and string like a robin building her nest.

Tonight, as we climbed the steps, you began to jerk.

Smoking like a hooker in January.

Leaving me with nothing but a blackened, burnt up Barbie shoe.

And…..an absolute mess.


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