Now I see her …

by Devina
Disney's Mulan



Sombre eyes,

 stared back at me

They belonged to a lovely face

That once shone with a brilliance

of a thousand blazing suns, now

Void of laughter and sunshine smiles

Mapped with lines of unease and exhaustion

The raven tress hung limply,

Almost lifeless and dull without its glossy sheen

Sparkling saline stars spilled forth gently from troubled dark pools

A gleaming trail along the soft pale cheeks

The swell of disappointment gained momentum

Washing over the sorrowful beauty,

I felt it too

Faded painted lips clasped between trembling teeth

More stars fell, now like torrential rain

I felt them too

Her face changed with each tear that fell

Colours, features all mixed up

Distorted, but she still did not see

Her face no longer bore resemblance of what it once was

But I knew what I saw as

I looked down into the secret pond

My reflection


 Devina S.

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