As I look up and into the sky tonight, I see her …

by Devina


She is the High Queen of the night’s sky

The stars at her beck and call

The ruler of our seas and oceans, the tides obeying her whims

A silent sentinel, watching us from above

She often lurks behind the curtains of darkness

Her crescent is like delicate china,

That would shatter with the slightest touch

At her monthly prime,

Her brilliant white light shines through

Starless nights like a beacon out at sea

Guiding us, the wondering vessels,

To our peaceful places in our minds

I often wonder what she sees when she looks down

To the Earth upon which she’d never laid her dainty feet

As she prefers to look from her lofty seat


Devina S.


4 Comments to “As I look up and into the sky tonight, I see her …”

  1. Beautiful poem Devina!!

  2. This was ethereal and enchanting with wonder woven throughout…. very nice…

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