A big thank you to everyone.

by Harry

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone connected with the blog.

For me it has been a great success so far starting of so well, so quickly.

It only started on the 6th June 2012, and you can see the reaction already.

At the present time i have 14 authors with three invites still out standing, but i have high hopes of them joining us.

To all those who have followed the blog thank you and i hope you enjoy the posts from such a varied array of poets.

If you follow the blog , i would appreciate it if you put “Poets Corner” into your blogroll.


16 Comments to “A big thank you to everyone.”

  1. Hi Harry,

    I have put this site on my blogroll 🙂


  2. Thank YOU, Harry….glad to be here….

  3. Likewise, a pleasure to be here and thanks for asking me to participate – and “we’re” on my blogroll too!

  4. You’re the one to be thanked Harry!

  5. I agree, you’re to be thanked, for giving us this wonderful opportunity!

  6. Yes, thank YOU Harry. Thank you for this opportunity to share and feed our creative thirsts.
    On another note-I am fairly new to this. Can you send me a private email to me explaining “blogrolls”?


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