I cannot force…

by lonewolfpoetry


I can’t force your heart to race

like mine does with a stutter

every time I see your face.

I cannot make butterflies flutter

in your tummy when we embrace

or with every word I utter.

No sentimental words I write

can conjure up majestic emotion,

no matter how hard I fight,

or whether I ply you with love potion.

I lie awake restless at night

and try to silence my devotion.

I try my hardest to be your friend

when I crave to be your lover

with ever moment together we spend

and every new side of you I discover.

But I know my fragile heart will mend

and I’ll find myself another.


2 Comments to “I cannot force…”

  1. Bittersweet….you said it…..I like your rhythm…..

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