Little Lost Treasures

by Karen

Little Lost Treasures

today i decided to slip away

only i know where to find me

i looked long and hard

before i found the perfect place

dark and quiet

my hide and your seek

you’ll never find me in here

under this

behind that

i can hear your voice

as you search in vain

beep this and

blip that

i see a light now

small and far away

but your voice is louder

as you shout

calling out my name

first you lift this

then you move that

and finally you look

behind there

you lift me up

and give me a wipe

you caress me

and let out a sigh

of relief

i always knew that i was loved

and no matter where i would roam

i could always count on you

to get me in the end

I have also posted this on my own blog, Drawing Room Days

Copyright  © 070612 by Karen Payze


7 Comments to “Little Lost Treasures”

  1. Thank you Karen, that’s you into categories and authors list. When you come back just publish your poem.

  2. Karen, sorry never heard of him, 4 authors so far and i think there’s another two coming.

  3. I really like this….it was fun, lighthearted and full of charm…..

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