Death By Chocolate

by Joelly Cameron

I walk, wondering if I can afford the view.

In this warm, October air, that smells of dead leaves, and lady bugs.

I look at my flower garden in sympathy, knowing,

That even it too will be gone.

The taste of dead flies, linger in my mind.

I can see it crying for help,

Its wings wet, and heavy.

Six legs doing the doggie paddle, like a 3 year old just learning to swim.

Trying to cling onto tiny marshmallow life preservers.

Slowly it drowns, in my cup of hot chocolate.

Only to be halfway chewed up and spit out.

Pieces of it left sitting at the bottom of a bowl.

Thankfully gone:

But not forgotten.

2 Comments to “Death By Chocolate”

  1. Thank you Joelly, and welcome to the authors team.

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