Poem: A life ebbing away.

by Harry

A life ebbing away.

Looking up at the midnight sky.
I noticed a meteor flashing by.
Travelling so fast on its way.
To the outer planets far away.

Its seen places no man will see.
Been to many unknown galaxies.
In one of these far of places.
Has it been seen by another being.

Leaving a trail of ice as it goe’s.
This is its life blood ebbing away.
How much longer has it got to last.
Before it stops and comes to rest.

Born at the time of the big bang.
It’s traveled for millions of years.
When it’s life is finally ended.
It could crash with silent bang.

A poem by Harry.

2 Comments to “Poem: A life ebbing away.”

  1. You can post your own poetry on this blog be it old or new poems,
    To learn more, please read the about page, and thank you for visiting.

  2. Love the night sky! I like how you wrote this…..very thoughtful and attuned to your senses…..

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